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How to watch Netflix remotely with friends or family? In this tutorial, I show you how to use Netflix Party to watch Netflix with Friends from anywhere in the world. Netflix Party allows anyone to watch Netflix together and even includes a chatroom. Netflix Party is a free Chrome browser extension. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions while using Netflix Party to watch Netflix with your friends and family.

Note: Netflix Party requires the ability to login to Netflix and the Chrome desktop browser. This means you can only use it on a Chromebook, Windows computer, Apple Macbook / computer, and Linux computer.

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Follow the steps below to watch Netflix remotely with friends using Netflix Party:
1. Go to and install Netflix Party to your Chrome browser.
2. Once Netflix Party has been installed, go to and ensure you are logged in.
3. Start playing the Netflix show or movie you'd like to watch with your friends or family.
4. Once the show or movie has started select the Netflix Party icon in your Chrome browser toolbar.
5. In the Netflix Party menu, select Start the party.
6. Copy the provided URL and send it to anyone you want to join the party.
7. Once people join your Netflix party, you can start the video and chat with the party.

What if Netflix Party is not working?
1. Ensure you are logged into Netflix, and reload the Netflix Party link.
2. Once you load the Netflix party, select the Netflix Party icon. This should add you to the party.
3. Ensure you have Netflix Test participation turned off. Use this tutorial to see how to do that:

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