Upcoming Thor Movie Movie Facts About Thor In Hindi Thor Movie Hindi Facts

Hello awesome people, in this videos I am going to tell you some of the interesting movie facts about Thor in hindi. This video includes facts related to 4 thor movies which include thor 2011 movie, thor the dark world movie which was released in 2013, thor ragnarok movie which was released in 2017 and about upcoming thor movie which will release in 2021 .
Thor 2011 facts include facts like who was going to be the thor before chris hermsworth bagged the role, tom hiddleton was interested in which role, etc.
Thor dark world facts like what were the difficulties faced by Natalie portman and chris hermsworth while filming the close up scenes, which norse mythology poem was used in this movie, which was the previous ending of this movie which got rejected, etc
Thor ragnarok facts like on whom corg’s role was based ?, who suggested the famous thor vs hulk like – he’s a friend from work, etc
Thor 2021 facts like when will the movie be released, who will make a comeback in this movie, what could possibly be the storyline of this movie, etc.

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