Undercover Lspd Detective Patrol In A Taxi Gta 5 Lspdfr Episode 461

In this episode of LSPDFR, we will be patrolling as an Undercover LSPD Detective at night.
We will be patrolling in POLICESCO's Undercover Taxi CVPI [ELS].
This episode is subscriber requested by szubert - max.

We begin our patrol with a Solicitation call. We arrive near the scene and pull over, next to the side walk. We act as a regular Taxi, and wait for the right time to move in. Once the suspect get's into the car, we attempt to pull them over. The driver tries to flee, but crashes into a wall. We block them in and request Code 3 backup. We move in on both suspects and arrest them both. The female suspect had a Forged LSPD Badge on them! Next we respond to a Stolen Firetruck, but are unable to catch up to them, once they make it onto the Freeway! The final call of this episode is for a Subject Refusing to Leave the Movie Studio. On the way to the location, we get bumped by another car and need to deal with that first. We write them a citation and then continue to the Movie Studio. Once on location, the suspect refuses to leave, so we cuff them and bring them down to the station.
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