Unboxing Vinyl Henry Jackman Pokémon Detective Pikachu Original Motion Picture Soun

Unboxing Vinyl - Henry Jackman - Pokémon Detective Pikachu (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

POKÉMON Detective Pikachu tells the story of Pikachu, a hilariously wisecracking, adorable super-sleuth, who helps Tim Goodman to find his father, which leads to an adventure in Ryme City.
The soundtrack features music from the exciting first-ever live-action Pokémon adventure, with Ryan Reynolds leading an all-star cast as the unique crime-solving Detective Pikachu. From Warner Bros. Pictures, Legendary Entertainment, and The Pokémon Company.
The vinyl product features a 4-page booklet with pictures and credits, a Detective Pikachu postcard, a Detective Pikachu Movie poster and is printed on 2x 180 gram audiophile vinyls, 3 playable sides and an exclusive full color Pikachu picture on the D-side. The release is available as a limited edition of 2500 copies on white vinyl.

Composer HENRY JACKMAN says: “Writing the music for POKÉMON Detective Pikachu was immense fun. The movie itself was a unique invitation to create a new musical world representing all the wonderful and colorful characters of the Pokémon universe. I really enjoyed using many different sonic colors so, if you listen carefully, you can hear everything from the full symphony orchestra to analog vintage synths. I was also very happy to be working again with Rob Letterman, who even tried to get his beloved 808 Drum Machine into the score, until we found it was fatally damaged. To have been selected to write music for such a well-loved and precious franchise is a great honor, and I greatly hope my best efforts contribute positively to the Pokémon experience.”


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