The Wind In The Willows Musical Full Stage Show The Shows Must Go On

Join us on for our first Wednesday matinee when Ratty, Badger, Mole and the impulsive Toad embark on a series of riotous adventures spiralling from Toad's insatiable need for speed!

From 2pm GMT for 48 hours only - make sure you don't miss out!

Featuring eye-poppingly beautiful design, exuberant choreography and a gloriously British score, The Wind in the Willows is packed with comedy, heart and thrills.


00:00 - Opening
01:41 - Spring
07:51 - Messing About in a Boat
15:10 - Speed is of the Essence" – Mrs Otter, Ratty & Mole
18:46 - Messing About in a Boat (Reprise)
19:31 - One Swallow Does Not a Summer Make
21:15 - Toad’s Big Entrance
25:08 - The Open Road
30:45 - Speed is of the Essence (Reprise)
32:07 - The Hedgehog's Nightmare
34:22 - The Amazing Mr. Toad
41:24 - The Wild Wooders
46:38 - Autumn
51:05 - The Wild Wooders (Reprise)
53:57 - A Friend is Still a Friend
1:02:53 - Toad's Escape
1:03:57 - As if in a Dream

1:11:13 - We’re Taking Over the Hall
1:18:28 - To Be a Woman
1:25:51 - A Place to Come Back To
1:29:55 - The Wassailing Mice
1:34:53 - The Greatest Great Escape
1:51:32 - Hush!
1:54:48 - The Fight
1:59:50 - Finale

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