Strawberry Shark Lyrics Cover Video Cover By Gesa

Strawberry Shark Lyrics Cover Video Cover By Gesa. />

Song(original): Strawberry Blond by mitski

Song(cover): Strawberry Shark by Gesabugabooastrid UwU
Lyrics by: (TikTok)

Picture: Edited by Gesabugabooastrid UwU
(Iz meh XD)

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Hey guys! It’s Gesa UwU. Today I made a Strawberry Shark lyric video. This is just a repost of Strawberry Fox with my cover. The lyrics are from (TikTok). Thank you so much! Also, thank you for all the people who suggested the lyrics to it. If you guys want me to cover more strawberry animals or anything you want lol, you can suggest the lyrics in the comments section. And ofc, I’ll credit you :3. I hope you guys like my cover!

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