Sex Love Corona Episode 4 New Technologies

Sex Love Corona Episode 4 New Technologies. Honest talks with UM sexologist Marieke Dewitte and student guests.

Sex, love, intimacy, being single, relationships, masturbation, pornography, sexting, and much more. These are topics that are a part of (most of) our lives, yet we do not talk about them as much as other day-to-day activities. In our podcast Sex, Love, Corona, Marieke Dewitte (sexologist at the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience) takes the time to talk to student guests about their experiences and how the current corona pandemic impacts sexual relationships and sexual development. And all the while, Marieke enriches these stories with the things she has learned as a sex researcher at Maastricht University.

Episode 4: Today we’re talking about new technologies, social media and toys, and how they affect our sex lives. Bea and Berkant join Marieke once again to look at this topic from a student’s, as well as an academic, perspective.

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