Pinto Complete Piano Music

Pinto Complete Piano Music
The only complete survey on record of the piano music by a prodigal English contemporary of Mozart br br Online purchase or streaming Spotify iTunes Amazon Music Deezer Google Play br Available for licensing br More Information br br Composer George Frederick Pinto br Artist Marek Toporowski fortepiano br br This album contains the complete piano music by Pinto presented by Piano Classics a label of Brilliant Classics br br According to the impresario Salomon had George Frederick Pinto not died at the age of 21 England would have had the honour of producing a second Mozart Early in 1806 he probably succumbed to the effects of tuberculosis much exacerbated by a dissolute lifestyle Pinto s very questionable character his habits of intemperance and his somewhat lax principles were notorious to his contemporaries br br And yet despite the praise of Salomon and Samuel Wesley who remarked that a greater musical Genius has not been known Pinto s music fell into obscurity only to be revived in the 1960s Within the two or three years before his death he produced an astonishingly mature body of work centred on the instruments with which he was also a celebrated performer the violin and the piano Perhaps his most remarkable music is to be found in the piano sonatas recorded here by Marek Toporowski more particularly the two sonatas op 3 and the Grand Sonata in C minor Inscribed to his Friend John Field 1803 br br A Fantasia and Sonata in C minor left unfinished and completed by Wesley and Wölfl and three sets of Variations also match up to Pinto s best standards These works are blessed with beautiful and original ideas although the influences of Mozart Dussek and Cramer are clearly discernible there are many original touches as well as astonishing anticipations of Beethoven Schubert and even Chopin Anyone with even a passing interest in Classical era piano music will find Pinto s highly inventive music worth further investigation br br Marek Toporowski plays three fortepianos all of them modern copies of distinguished German models from the end of the 18th century br br Social media br Facebook br Spotify br br Brilliant Classics br Facebook br Spotify br Instagram br br Tracklist br br Grand Sonata for the Piano Forte in C Minor br 0 00 00 I Allegro espressivo con foco é risoluto br 0 08 41 II Poco adagio tranquillo legato è con espressione br 0 13 42 III Rondo allegro molto agitato con fuoco è con espressione br br 0 20 33 Minuetto in A Flat Major br 0 24 52 Cory Owen I Allegro moderato br 0 30 49 Rondo for the Piano Forte in E Flat Major br br Grand Sonata for the Piano Forte in A Major Op 3 No 2 br 0 36 48 I Allegro moderato br 0 45 18 II Poco adagio affettuoso br 0 50 13 III Rondo molto allegro con spirit br br Sonata in E Flat Minor Op 3 No 1 br 0 54 42 I Allegro moderato con espressione br 1 03 44 II Adagio con gusto br 1 08 01 III Allegro con brio br br 3 Favourite Airs with Variations for the Piano Op 2 No 1 br 1 12 28 I Mamma Mia br 1 21 07 II and a French Air from the Opera br 1 31 25 III Variations on Original Theme br br 1 43 27 New Waltz Composed by G Pinto br br Sonatina I for the Piano Forte in G Major Op 4 No 1 br 1 44 32 I Allegro moderato br 1 51 45 II A la ecopois br 1 54 05 III Quick March br br Sonatina II for the Piano Forte in B Flat Major Op 4 No 2 br 1 58 10 I Allegro moderato br 2 03 43 II Romance br 2 06 59 III Rondo Allegro br br Sonatina III for the Piano Forte in C Major Op 4 No 3 br 2 09 43 I Marcia maestoso br 2 13 55 II Irish Air br 2 14 46 III Waltz br br Fantasia and Sonata for the Piano Forte from 4 Canzonets and Sonata br 2 17 29 I Adagio con espressione e poco ad libitum br 2 19 42 II Allegro con spirito Adagio br 2 21 59 III Fugato br 2 23 50 IV Sonata Grave con espressione br 2 25 05 V Allegro br br Thank you for watching this video we hope you enjoyed it Don t forget to share it and subscribe to our YouTube channel br br And visit our channel for the best classical music from the greatest composers like Bach Satie Mozart Tchaikovsky Beethoven Chopin Haydn Ravel Debussy Verdi Vivaldi Handel Brahms Liszt Schubert Mendelssohn Rachmaninoff Wagner Strauss Handel Dvorak and many more We upload complete albums music for relaxing working studying meditating concentrating instrumental music opera violin classical piano music sonatas and more br br Pinto Complete Piano Music Classical PianoClassics BrilliantClassics MarekToporowski
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