Netflix Party Virtual Movie Nights With Friends While Social Distancing


If you're missing movie nights with friends during social distancing, Google Chrome and Netflix have a solution.

It's called "Netflix Party."

The Chrome extension allows you to watch and chat with your friends from separate locations.

All you have to do is download the extension, start watching a Netflix show, and then click on the "NP" icon on the toolbar.

It will give you a web address to send anyone you want to.

Though, they need to also have the extension installed.

Then chat the night away like you normally would.

You can even pause and re-start the video whenever you need.

If you need more help installing Netflix Party visit

But just so you know, on Thursday the European Union urged Netflix and other streaming platforms to stop showing video in high definition to prevent the internet from breaking.

This is because of the large number of people streaming due to the coronavirus pandemic.

An official for the EU urged people and companies to switch to standard definition "when HD is not necessary."


Posted - 3.19.20
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