Let S Talk About Sex Things That Intimidate Guys In The Bedroom

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In this video, dating coach Ryan Patrick pushes back on society's favorite taboo and boldly declares "let's talk about sex!" To start, Ryan provides a brief sexual health tutorial before eventually discussing things that intimidate guys in the bedroom.

Within the discussion, Ryan describes and demonstrates 6 sex toys that can blow your mind for both men & women, if used safely, to release natural hormones and antibodies in your system that can diminish many infections and ailments like hearth disease, depression & Alzheimer's disease you *never knew* sexual stimulation could help heal.


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Enjoy, use plenty of water-based lube and please be safe!

**FTC DISCLOSURE: This video description contains affiliate links. By clicking these links, Ryan may make a small commission for referring you to certain products or services he recommends in this video. Only purchase these products or services if you feel they may benefit you in some way. Clicking these links comes at no extra cost to you.
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