Joker 2 Teaser Trailer Concept 2021 Joaquin Phoenix Dc Comics Movie

"The Rise of the Joker!"

Variety reports that Warner Bros. is not exploring gritty origin stories for any other DC characters. According to Variety, “Insiders shot down reports that Warner Bros. and DC are talking about having Phillips do origin stories for other comic-book characters, revealing what cracked on their trek to the dark side. Any ‘Joker’ follow-up will take years to pull off and DC has a busy slate.” And now Todd Phillips himself is refuting the report while acknowledging early talks for a sequel have taken place.

The financial windfall of Joker cannot be overstated. The R-rated film has now grossed over $1 billion, making it the highest grossing R-rated film in history. And Phillips himself deferred a big upfront payment for a pice of the unadjusted gross, resulting in what THR says could amount to a $100 million payday. But Joker also only cost $60 million to make, so even after factoring in marketing, the profit margin on this thing is huge. Which is why talks of a sequel have been ongoing, and WB is likely keen on continuing this franchise, as THR reports—although their report’s claim that Todd Phillips asked for access to additional DC characters in the wake of Joker has now been refuted by Phillips himself.

As for Joker it’s run isn’t over just yet, as the film is making its way down the awards circuit after picking up the top prize at the Venice Film Festival. It just won the top cinematography award at Camerimage, and Phoenix is a top contender to score a Best Actor Oscar nomination, while the film itself is likely to pick up a few nominations as well. Best Picture? Not out of the question.

So yeah, you can imagine Phillips is feeling pretty good about his gamble now.

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