Joe Biden Slams Trump S Coronavirus Response And Takes Questions From Reporters Full Event

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Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden took questions from reporters at a press conference for the first time in almost three months on Tuesday, giving new insight into his views on the fast-moving political and cultural debates around race in the U.S.

Biden took 15 questions over the course of 30 minutes inside a gymnasium in Wilmington, Del., where a small group of socially-distanced reporters were given access to his speech on how to address the coronavirus pandemic.

The former vice president has given scores of interviews to individual media outlets since the coronavirus lockdown began in late March, many of them with local broadcast affiliates. He recently started keeping a light travel schedule with speeches or roundtable events in Texas and Pennsylvania.

But Tuesday’s press conference marked the first time Biden has responded to questions from the campaign’s traveling press corps in 89 days. CBS News correspondent Ed O’Keefe told Biden that “we all hope that you continue to do this through November as often as possible.”

The lack of press conferences has become a point of tension with the Trump campaign, which has been blasting out emails demanding Biden take questions from the press and suggesting topics the media should be asking his campaign.

President Trump and his allies have grown frustrated as Biden has opened up a wide lead in the polls over the past three months while keeping a relatively low profile.

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