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HEALING MUSIC 24 7 HEALING FREQUENCIES RIFE FREQUENCIES SOLFEGGIO FREQUENCIES br br Subscribe for free to our youtube channel here br Get your first neowake session for free br Für deutsche Nutzer Teste die neowake Mitgliedschaft für 7 Tage kostenlos br br Healing Music 24 7 is live streaming the best of mind altering music for improving focus meditation sleep Learn how to change your brainwaves and achieve higher mental states Discover Healing Music 24 7 the most advanced neuro program with 3D sounds and brainwave entrainment Transform your life by listening every day br br FAQ br Q When will the stream end br A Never this is a 24 7 live stream that is supposed to be online always to give you access to our mind altering brainwave sessions br br Q How long does it take to work br A Our sessions are designed to work within 10 15 minutes of use However you will benefit from our long lasting brainwave entrainment technology even days and weeks later Continue to listen on a daily basis to enhance the effects br br Q Where are you from br A We are a company from Germany that produces neuro music to improve focus meditation and sleep br br Q Any gear needed br A We suggest using high quality earphones or headphones Many of our sessions are working with speakers too but we do not recommend it You need headphones in order to benefit from our 3D effects and brainwave technology br br Q When should I listen br A Listen anytime you want to focus relax sleep nap or meditate We are here 24 7 Please also subscribe to our channel
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