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Different Drummers - When David, in a wheelchair with muscular dystrophy, accurately foretells the death of their fourth grade teacher, a doubtful Lyle decides to test the existence of God by attempting to get David to run again.

Different Drummers (2013)
Directors: Don Caron, Lyle Hatcher
Writers: Don Caron, Don Caron
Stars: Brayden Tucker, Ethan Reed McKay, Colleen Carey
Genres: Adventure | Drama | Family
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 12 April 2013 (USA)
Also Known As: Different Drummers
Filming Locations: Spokane, Washington, USA

Different Drummers is based on a true story about two unusual boys in Spokane, Washington in the mid 1960s. In this more innocent time, when body builder Jack Lalanne ruled the airwaves, the two heroes, a couple of elementary school students, make a bold attempt to triumph over mortality through friendship. Eleven year old David is slowing down and is now wheelchair-bound by muscular dystrophy, while Lyle can't stop speeding up. Back then, he was referred to as having a condition called MDB (Minimal Brain Dysfunction) but today he would be diagnosed with "Attention Deficit Disorder." Lyle wants more than anything to get David out of his wheelchair and running again, and he concocts a wild scheme involving a science project, some firemen, drummers, the school principal, a cop and a hand-walk across the school gymnasium, among other things. It works like this: Inspired by his TV idol, Lalanne, and his message of "intestinal fortitude and willpower," Lyle manages to convince David that he can teach him to run and in exchange David promises to help him create the scariest science-project-bug-collection in fourth grade history. Secretly, Lyle is using his attempt to get David out of his wheelchair as a test to find out once and for all if God actually exists. Once the pact is made, this unlikely pair embarks on a journey of discovery, adventure and risk. When Lyle begins to twist the rules in a desperate attempt to give his friend some of his own excess energy, they come face to face with life's most inspiring and painful truths. Ultimately it is only through David's death that Lyle discovers the true meaning of friendship, loyalty and miracles.

"I think this movie did an excellent job of portraying the meaning of friendship,the mystery of why bad things happen to good people, the frustration of fighting through injustice, and the complexity of self-doubt, wondering both whether we have done enough for our cause, and what role,if any, God plays in our problems.

It was a very simple story and a very emotional one, plus it was one to which it was easy for just about anyone to relate. It was also much more emotional that I expected, and there were many handkerchiefs and Kleenexes in use during the movie.

Both of the lead actors quickly became believable and real. The distinction between how Lyle affected his principal, and how he affected many other adults was an example of which all adults should take note, too." Written by r-douthitt via IMDb.com

"I haven't met a person yet who didn't love this movie. It's one of those you could watch several times - as I have done. Many people have quit going to movies because of the unexpected "trashiness" contained in most shows. Not DD. It is a great family movie that anyone can watch and enjoy. Remember, this is based on a true story which is authenticated at the beginning of the credits. Different Drummers is a true "diamond in the rough". A refreshing, emotional, funny story. It will touch all your emotions! I encourage everyone to see this show and that they encourage others to see this show to support good wholesome entertainment that the movie industry is so drastically lacking." Written by Gemarks1 on IMDb.com


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