City Of Stars La La Land Cover By Beetlebug

City Of Stars La La Land Cover By Beetlebug. hello it is i once again crawling out from the dirt to offer you a little serenity with some la la land :D

okay you can skewer me a million different ways if you wish but,,, i have never actually watched lala land LOL however i am in love with this particular song and only just heard it about, a week ago?? for the first time and i completely fell for it it sounds so haunting and pretty and i just had to sing it to u, i hope u like it :)

as always hope u guys are going well !!!!!! whatevr ur doing ur doing a great and cool job at it, u got this !

anyways i shall see u quite soon again hopefully!! not sure what it will be, cover? og song? we shall see : )

see u guys later!!! love u

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In this video I did a cover of City of Stars from the hit musical La La Land that was very popular i think i havent watched it actually!!! i just like the song :) It's sung by me !! beetlebug!! eater of grass and friend of all things large and small, i've written songs like Cat Serenade, Overgrown Garden, My Dear Friends and probably most famously Ode to L'manburg, which was about the Dream SMP! If you like ppl like Cavetown, Mxmtoon, Ollie MN, Haley Heynderickx, Mitski or Wilbur Soot then you might like me!! and if so you should subscribe before I consume the earth as we know it. Thank u for listening :D
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