Cardigan Taylor Swift Cover By Amy Mae Lou

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Hello sunshines!
SOOOO Taylor Swift released her new album Folklore only a few days ago, and I just had to do a cover of Cardigan! I’m sure it took her weeks to put this song together, but it got my heart in only a moment! My next project was going to be writing another original song, but I just had to do something with this song.
I love how poetic she is with her lyrics, so I am such a sucker for her songs. I used the higher key piano instrumental made by the YouTube channel PianoNest who always puts out beautiful piano instrumentals. I added my own music on top of the track to put a little sprinkle of Amy on top hehe :D
Also - if you don’t want to hear me spend several minutes thanking you all for the very nice feedback I got from my cover of Roomie’s song “Livin for that” then you can scroll to 6:24 for the song ;) I spend a lot of time making these music and makeup videos so I really appreciate your compliments on things I work hard on and care a lot about. So again - THANK YOU!

Taylor Swift - cardigan - HIGHER Key (Piano Karaoke Instrumental)

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