Aladdin Ep 427 Full Episode 17Th July 2020

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Episode 427: Ruins of Baltish
Aladdin, accompanied by Anghuti Chhaap, set about their journey to the old world of Baltish. Aladdin is in search of a person who can provide him with a magic potion. Who is the person in question? Will Aladdin be successful in getting the magic potion? Watch this episode to find out.

About Aladdin – Naam Toh Suna Hoga:
Aladdin is an age-old fantasy tale of a 20-year-old boy and his travails around his family and love. It is an absolute family entertainer show. It has got the fantastical factor of the classic tale as well as the nail-biting thriller, heart-warming romance and affecting family equations. Despite being set in a very old legendary talismanic era, all the characters are entertaining, yet relatable which makes the fans correlate with its humor.

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