Ænon Despite All This Official Music Video

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I'll take this to my grave
Give me the gift of martyrdom
Be it in the wilderness
Or in an ivory casket

May my bitter resolve resonate through your conscious
May my legacy be of whom you couldn't silence

Alive or dead I am at peace
Alive or dead I am eternal

I find purpose at the completion of this mortal stage
Before I transcend I'll scar the earth immortalized in history's page

Death is nothing but a means of my message
Blot me from this earth and I'll reign in the next

Cut out my tongue and my voice will soar through the ages

This is where I depart the earth as a servant
I'll return as a king

Nothing in the sky above
Or in the earth below
Will sever me from my God
So come pain, come war
For I have seen what's yet to be
I am called to royalty
And I'll take this to my grave

When I wake
I will see my Saviours face
When I wake
I'll see this world fade away
When I wake
I will see my Saviours face
When I wake
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